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If you are a small to midsize business in Melbourne, and you want technology to be a powerful tool that can move your business forward instead of a being problem that costs you time and money, then we can help!

Our clients represent a broad cross-section of industries ranging from manufacturing and construction through to finance and professional services (with some niches in between), typically they have 10 to 80 workstations (up to 150), and rely on their computers, network, and internet for daily operations, many with head office located in Melbourne.

Most of our clients have a specialised line of business application/s to run their business and rely heavily on that software being operational and value our approach of being a business partner, rather than just a supplier.

We unreservedly share our 30+ years of experience in servicing Melbourne’s Small to Medium business market. Being one ourselves, we understand budget constraints and the need to maximise any investment into IT.

Craig Reynolds

Managing Director, Tech Precision Pty Ltd

Add our technology experience to your company’s team when:

  • You want to focus on your business, not the technology supporting it
  • Your current systems seem to hinder business more than it helps
  • You need better reliability and security for your computer network
  • You know computer downtime costs money
  • You need to be certain your data is always backed up and available, no excuses
  • You need to know where your computer inventory is at all times
  • You’d like to better enable your employees to work remotely and maintain system security
  • You want to maximise your staff’s productivity, to do the jobs they were hired for, not waste their time on computer issues
  • You believe that investing to prevent problems is more efficient than paying to fix problems
  • You’re looking to expand your business but need to know the right technology and costs involved
  • Your interests are tied to the bottom line
  • You appreciate the value of working with a trusted partner

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