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Leading Victorian based financial services group Nugents deploys Business Continuity solution to ensure protection of data and enhance their own staff’s productivity.

Nugents Group is a future-ready financial practice where personal attention, quality service and advice are paramount. To ensure this professionalism is maintained, staff require constant access to their IT tools. Nugents also required escalated protection of their clients’ data.

Together with Tech Precision, Nugents Group formulated best business practice and implemented a full Business Continuity solution. This incorporated data being backed up constantly throughout the working day and stored in multiple locations. If required, data is accessible within minutes. Productivity of staff is protected, if the business loses their IT server they can seamlessly switch over to the Business Continuity solution, allowing staff to continue to serve their clients as if nothing was wrong.

The benefits of the Business Continuity solution were almost immediate. Less than 6 months after it was rolled out Nugents Group was infected by a technically advanced new strain of Crypto virus. The virus immediately spread through their IT system infecting and locking all files. The full system was shutdown and the Business Continuity invoked. Nugents were able to continue business as normal while the Crypto virus was quarantined and removed. There was minimal loss of data and importantly no data breach or ransomware demand.

  • Protection of staff and business productivity
  • Security – business and client data secured
  • Enhance Nugents Groups reputation
  • Affordable and reliable solution
  • Seamless continuation of service to clients

At Nugents Group, we pride ourselves on our level of professionalism and commitment to our clients. In hindsight implementing our Business Continuity strategy has potentially saved us around $100,000 of lost productivity and opportunity. The virus attack was serious and part of todays IT landscape which we have to plan around. The most important thing was that we were able to continue business as normal serving our clients. Tech Precision demonstrated in real time their value as business partners.

Gary Nugent

Managing Partner, Nugent Group

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