Managed IT Support

Managed IT Support ensures that one of the most mission critical components of your business keeps functioning optimally at all times. As one of Australia's foremost business IT companies, we strive to help you do what you do best. Grow your business.
Managed IT Support

Our service plans have and will continue to evolve over time. One main focus that never changes is the end goal…Making life easier for our clients.

Craig Reynolds

Managing Director, Tech Precision Pty Ltd

Personalised Managed IT Support Strategy in line with your business plan.

Working closely with you we help identify how technology needs to work in your business to help you reach your future goals. We develop a rolling 36-month strategy focused on your IT related needs. This strategy allows for identification of internal and external strengths and weakness with recommendations on how to resolve them. Including high level IT budgeting and forecasting while maintaining cash-flow. No surprises.

Onboarding Process

Change can often be one of the most daunting prospects for any business. Our onboarding process is continually evolving to accommodate constant change in technology and needs of our clients.

Our hassle-free process helps transition you onto our Managed IT Support programs. The outcome, your systems are running in an optimal, proactively supported state and you have a Strategic IT Plan going forward, reviewed on a regular basis.

Tech Precision Managed IT Support

I.T. is nothing more than a business tool (all be it an extremely important one). Our support plans are designed to keep your systems operational and available – allowing you and your team to focus on your line of business.

We start by working with you to make sure we understand your business and aim to ensure all your systems meet current operational and security requirements. From this position of knowledge, we work to develop a roadmap and your customised IT strategy for your business that accommodates your unique business needs.

All plans provide support for on premise and cloud solutions and systems. Special projects not included.

TP Care Plans

Our Care Plans range in the level and type of services delivered under our managed service program. Each Care Plan is then complimented with market leading IT security protection for your business.

All Care Plans must be paired with a security option based on the Australian governments Essential Eight guidelines.

We have three Care Plans to select from:

  1. Classic Care is our entry level program covering all the basic services you need to keep your IT systems running with remote support and management.
  2. Essential Care takes the next step. With remote and onsite support covered, Essential Care also includes scheduled reviews of your customised IT strategy overview allowing you to draw a line in the sand with clear diagrams of your current IT system, areas of strength and weakness identified, with a plan and budget to take your company forward.
  3. Total Care is made up of all the services and advantages offered in the other Care Plans as well as quarterly performance reviews and cyber response planning.

Our Security Plans:

  1. Base Line: TP determined minimum security levels deployed and maintained for small to medium businesses, to sufficiently be protected from vulnerabilities and threats while still being able to work efficiently and effectively.
  2. Advanced: TP determined security, stepping up the base line to include best of breed backup and protection tools, including AI-powered next gen protection, complimented by human lead 24 hour monitoring, protection and response.

A comprehensive plan designed to enable full coverage of your entire environment at a flat, per month fee. Encompassing our highest security levels including 24 x 7 human Security Operations Centre, multiple security layers, advanced AI knowledge learning and detection, customised cyber awareness training, IT policy management, dark web monitoring, quarterly IT strategy reviews – it’s all included.

Service Details


Automated patch management protecting operators and equipment from known vulnerabilities and maximizing equipment performance where possible

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam

Award winning anti-virus & anti- spam combined with industry leading artificial intelligence (AI) increasing your protection against cybercrime

Email security

Protecting emails coming in and going out. Help protect against spam emails, malware, viruses, ransomware and malicious email threats.

Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Protecting user access – requiring two or more verification methods authenticating the correct user.

24 x 7 Monitoring

System monitoring and alerts for threats across the system. Human response during business hours.

24 x 7 Security Operations Center

Combination of system and human monitoring threats and responding when needed 24 x 7 365 days a year.

  • Device encryption
  • Mobile encryption
  • Password Manager
Cyber Awareness Training

Each staff member has customized training providing targeted learning. Personalised video and interactive programs created for every user, with bite-sized courses and follow-up quizzes, automatically sent each month.

Simulated Phishing

A controlled email is sent to your team with known threats, automatically deployed to assesses user vulnerability to a range of attack techniques. Custom test email campaigns can be created in minutes.

Dark Web Monitoring

To the heart of where cybercrime begins. Continuous monitoring detects when sensitive company data (e.g. usernames or passwords) has appeared in a data breach, which could be used for targeted attacks.

Policy Management

Policies are centralised in one easily accessible place. Staff are automatically notified of any updated policies that they need to sign, with staff approval signatures being tracked. Many template policies available for editing.

System Documentation

A clear picture of your IT infrastructure.

Live Support

Access to help from experienced staff, in Melbourne, Australia, saving time and frustration driving improved productivity.

IT Strategy Planning

Planning and budgeting recommendations outlining how technology should be used to meet IT business goals including IT fleet lifecycle.

Procurement Services

Hardware, software and licensing – Sourcing and managing supply included with set rate configuring and installing of recommended and approved hardware and software assets for the business.

TP Secure – Stand Alone
  • Anti Virus and Anti Spam
  • Email Security
  • MFA
  • 24 x 7 Security Operations Centre
  • Device Encryption
Additional Services
  • IP Telephony
  • Internet Services
  • Back Up
  • Network infrastructure
  • Project Services

Proactive Solutions

Actively monitoring your systems and performing scheduled maintenance allows us to quickly identify possible emerging issues within your systems. We proactively address concerns before they have a disruptive impact on your business operations (often before they become a problem!).

Issues Resolved Faster

Our engineers maintain comprehensive documentation including improvements and changes to your systems as they occur. Clients can rest assured the engineer supporting them has access to the most current information. Issues resolved in a timely manner, minimises down time, improving your team’s productivity.

Onsite & Remote Support

You have peace of mind. When you need help – it’s there. Our engineers support your team remotely or when required come onsite to resolve your issue. You literally have your own virtual IT department.

Predictable Supports Costs

Know how much your business is going to spend each month. Easy to set and track budgets, no major cost blow outs from your IT support department.


Based on and in line with the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC) Essential Eight Maturity Model Care, plans cover your security needs and can be customised to your business.


Industry leading customised cyber training for each of your staff – delivered in through personalised video and interactive training.


Customised simulated phishing campaigns across all your team. Dark Web Monitoring. Policy Management with automated notifications with staff approval tracking.

“Response times and communication have been excellent and the service delivery has been to the level where it may be compared to having a full time IT employee rather than a third party service.”

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