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We believe in making technology work for PEOPLE.

Peace of Mind

We have your back, monitoring your IT system 24/7.

Infrastructure Protection

We understand the value of IT systems. We keep your business safe and secured.

Business IT Services – Tech Precision Pty Ltd

Managed IT Services 90 Day Challenge​Take our 90-day challenge and try our Business IT Services for yourself.

The only true way to measure service is to actually experience it. If you are not completely satisfied within that time, you are free to continue your search with no obligation to us. You have nothing to lose!

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If you are considering engaging an IT Partner for your business, there are a number of aspects you should probably be aware of. Read our comprehensive IT buyer’s guide to help you make an informed decision.

Why choose our Business IT Services

We are focused on your business growth. Providing a full suite of Managed IT Services, we strive to deliver the right technology and advice to build you an IT solution that leaves you free to get on with building your business.


Focus on improving your workforce productivity

There is a strong argument that IT is one of the most powerful business tools available to your staff. Fast resolution times, less IT disruption and improved up-time of your IT systems helps drive staff productivity.

The Benefits of our Business IT Services

Reduced IT noise

We proactively monitor your network and implement improvements to ensure everyday runs smoothly.

IT Budgeting

Eliminate surprises, know your monthly spend on IT expenses ahead of time. Be able to plan and budget for now and the next 12-36 months.

Business Continuity

We ensure we can restore your IT system through backups and disaster recovery solutions.

Business IT Services

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Hear from our clients

“I am happy to advise that Nifty-Lift has seen a marked improvement in the reliability of our IT system since engaging Tech Precision for support services twelve months ago.”

The initial transition from our previous supplier was handled well, and with minimal input from our staff. I was cynically expecting to be advised that we would need to invest great sums of money to ensure a reliable IT system, however I was pleasantly surprised the Tech Precision have been willing and able to work with our existing infrastructure and still dramatically increase our up-time. Of course, we have made some small investments as recommended by Tech Precision, in particular on our data storage and backup. This advise was delivered in a measured manner, and we were given the options of spending a lot, or a little, and had the ‘pros and cons’ of each solution outlined, so we could make an informed decision in determining the most appropriate solution for our risk profile and our budget.

General Manager - Nifty-Lift

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