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CompanyPlan B Services
IndustryLand Development

Plan B Services turn to Tech Precision to support the Group Business Manager with the IT function for relocation to a completely new office.

Plan B Services delivers strategic electrical engineering, design and project management services to the land development industry.  As Melbourne’s leading full-service electrical consultancy, we can assist your business with feasibility modelling, electrical administration, design, tendering and project management, providing complete solutions for your residential, commercial and industrial electrical infrastructure projects.

Success and expansion compelled head office to relocate to new offices that could accommodate the expanding team. Timing meant this all needed to be performed during various lockdown stages with mixed business operations. The IT systems were required to operate in real time across three locations – the current offices, new offices and due to COVID, for staff working from home. The IT systems were required to allow for scheduled staff relocations into the new office over the period of a week. All with no loss of productivity.
Planning and execution. Using floorplans provided Tech Precision consulted on new office IT infrastructure (electrical and data cabling, WiFi requirements, server room, etc). Assisted staged testing, ongoing consulting and planning, new office commission, old office decommission were all provided. Proactively supporting and constantly communicating with the Group Business Manager as she merged many small project components together into one large project.
The Group Business Manager delivered the major project on time and with minimal impact. The business continued to be productive and deliver quality services to their clients. The ever-expanding team now have a new state of the art home.
  • Staff remained productive during relocation
  • Morale of staff and Owners positive – can do
  • No Plan B clients were impacted
  • Group Business Manager delivered

With all our I.T. projects, big or small, I know Tech Precision always has my back & ensures that projects are delivered on time & to a high standard.

Andrea Sommers

Group Business Manager, Plan B Services

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