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Sci-Fi \ COVID19 Response \ Work From Home IT Roll Out

Industry leading fire safety company Scientific Fire Services turned to Tech Precision to keep their business operational through the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to continue servicing clients and for the engineering business to continue to operate, staff were required to change from operating 100% in the office to 100% at home. Their ability to remotely access and run sophisticated engineering modelling software and to access company templates and data as normal was essential. This change had to happen ASAP. Security of data needed to remain a high priority. Even though all systems were originally designed for on-premise access, secure remote access was now required. Head Office in Melbourne and interstate offices must all be included and all this had to be performed at minimal cost (as no budget had been allocated for pandemic response!).

Tech Precision were engaged to scope, plan and deliver the project. A completely outside the box solution was required. A hybrid model of business equipment and home devices combined to achieve the desired outcome. Protection was enhanced through synchronised security and internal system resources were reallocated, configured and upgraded firmware loaded to enable the system to cope. The project also included the process of educating users on how to work remotely ensuring faster acceptance of change.

All staff are able to work remotely – keeping them safe while still being able to be productive and continue working. From the outside all business operations appear the same so clients have not been impacted. At all times communication was clear and descriptive of each action as we stepped through. All this change transpired in an incredibly short period of time and now the business is ready, willing and able to face the constant change COVID-19 presents.

  • Protection of staff and business productivity
  • Business systems provide more flexibility – (strengthen business IT
    continuity planning)
  • Completely outside the box thinking solution (customized for clients
  • Minimum spend for maximum return

Tech Precision’s response was fast and professional and the Covid19 solution put in place was very effective.

Russell Kilmartin

Director, Scientific Fire Services

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