Feel confident you’ve closed your Microsoft 365 data protection gaps.

Email Backup and Archiving for Microsoft 365

Our Backup Solution for Microsoft 365 (Office 365) Closes Data Protection Gaps:

Microsoft 365 still has its own set of security gaps that are difficult to address. Businesses, in turn, are responsible for protecting your data’s integrity:

Human Error

One of the main reasons for data security breaches with Microsoft 365 is human error. Companies are losing significant amounts of money due to human error and insider threats. Data breach costs continue to grow by 10% year-over-year.

Recycle Bin Limitation

Microsoft 365 / Office 365 only saves deleted emails in the recycle bin for up to 90 days.

Microsoft Service Limitation

Microsoft guarantees the infrastructure, but not the customer’s data. Based on Microsoft’s Service Agreement (Sec.6b), they recommend using fit for purpose , third-party solutions to backup Office 365 and cover this gap.

Existing Risks and Vulnerabilities

According to this HelpNet Security article there are 12 major vulnerabilities that can sorted into five main categories:

  • Exchange
  • Print Spooler
  • Sensitive Windows Registry Database Files
  • Encrypting File System Remote Protocol (MS-EFSRPC) and Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS)
  • ActiveX

Our Microsoft 365 backup options include

Comprehensive backup options for Microsoft 365 include Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint, Groups, Teams, Calendars, Contacts and Tasks.

Exchange Online Backup

Exchange Online Backup

Exchange Online can be one of the largest data sources of any O365 environment. Emails, attachments and related data can be massive in terms of file size. Because we provide unlimited storage, you’ll never need to worry about running out of storage.

Set up an automated Microsoft 365 backup to cloud that occurs several times a day, and because we only back up modified files, speed is maximised. This takes the hassle out of keeping Exchange Online files secure and protected.

Onedrive Backup

OneDrive Backup

OneDrive users can sometimes experience interference from other apps in Office 365. We can help.

Backup OneDrive to ensure all your business digital assets are safe from harm. Maintain complete copies of critical business digital assets to ensure protection from hackers, encryption malware, accidental deletion and more.

Feel confident knowing you’re prepared for data disasters by ensuring your OneDrive files are automatically backed up and instantly ready for restore as part of the entire set of O365 backup data.


SharePoint Backup

Ensure all your business-critical data saved to SharePoint is protected from loss or threat with the best Office 365 SharePoint backup solutions.

Our solution backs up documents and folders, assigns permissions, offers restore options and uses our intelligent backup tools to easily store, secure, administer and quickly restore your SharePoint.

Groups Backup

Groups Backup

Office 365 Groups enable teams of people to collaborate and share business-critical data, files, project information and much more. This makes backing up Groups critical to enable the group to continue their work with minimal time or data loss in the event of a security breach.

All it takes is one click to restore your Group data and communications, and you’re back to sharing, collaborating and accessing all your Group information and resources.

Teams Backup

Teams Backup

Teams is increasingly becoming the business collaboration tool of choice, and Microsoft continue to accelerate this app with updates and additions to Teams functionality.

The flexibility of Teams allows it to use all other Microsoft 365 applications and enable a wide range of capabilities across the entire service – from file sharing, to meetings, to private chats, and more – making it a one-stop full collaboration tool.

However, today’s collaboration-oriented remote workforce have become more vulnerable because of this openness. Bad actors that manage to invade a company’s Teams instance can theoretically jump from one application to another. Our solution ensures your Teams’ business-critical information is securely backed up in the event of a breach like this.

Outlook Backup

Calendars, Contacts and Tasks

Microsoft Calendars, Contacts and Tasks backup are also included in our Microsoft 365 backup.

These Office 365 data sets are often forgotten or overlooked and can lead to significant data protection gaps. Because these files contain critical business information they are just as necessary to protect. This is especially true given the ever-increasing regulations regarding privacy and security of contact information.

Microsoft 365 backup details

See how our comprehensive solution closes your data protection gaps.

Outlook SharePoint OneDrive Contacts/Calendars/Tasks Groups & Teams
  • View email without search
  • Download (PST EML)
  • Download Mailbox
  • Shared Mailbox
  • Restore mailbox, folder, message
  • Migrate per mailbox to other user or destination
  • Download PST, EML, mailbox
  • Restore site, document library, folder, files
  • Restore to other site
  • Restore all to one folder
  • Download files
  • Lists – items and columns for all permissions
  • Document Libraries – content, views and content types for all permissions
  • Sub-Sites – lists and document libraries
  • Restore drive, folder, files
  • Restore to other drive
  • Restore all to one folder
  • Download drive, folder, files
  • Restore calendar events, contacts, tasks
  • Download files
  • Email and Folders for Mailboxes and Public Folders
  • Shared Mailboxes
  • Download files
  • Channel Chat
  • Tasks drop
  • Email
  • Drive
  • Site
  • Calendar
  • Files
  • Conversations
  • Notebook
  • Planner

Our Microsoft 365 backup solution is included with Email Backup and Email Archiving

Our archiving solution is built on top of our Email Backup, providing a robust set of business continuity tools including powerful advanced search, end user access and Insights BI. 

Automate Backups

Setting up automated backups for compliance or just to “set and forget” is easy with just a few clicks of a button.

Insights BI Analytics

Advanced analytics toolkit that enables you to find patterns of usage, identify issues and recommend optimizations.


Military-Grade Encryption

Military-grade AES 256-bit encryption and TLS/SSL to ensure your data is protected in transit and at rest.

Incremental Backups

Our solution finds and backs up only changed files which means your backup time is fast, and your storage is minimized.


Single Pane of Glass

Our dashboard makes it simple to set-up, administer, manage user access, restore files and much more.


Granular Restore

We provide granular restore so you can easily find and restore a single email, or a mailbox, or the entire email ecosystem.

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