The old saying “be careful for what you ask for” holds true for many business owners. We use personal smart devices for everything and have come to expect the same convenience at work. So the ability to do more with less is definitely here – but are you losing control of your data?

Cloud file sharing apps now allow employees to access, store, sync and share large files with people inside and outside the office from anywhere and on any device.

In a recent survey by Enterprise Strategy Group ESG – they reported:

  • The popularity of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement demonstrates that cloud collaboration is now essential for business. Your customers simply want to collaborate with people both in and outside the office, on any device, and still retain FULL ownership and security of their data. 65% of businesses currently NOT using a file sharing and mobile collaboration service are interested in adopting a solution if they can retain data within their company network.
  • 80% of businesses currently on the public cloud want a file sharing and mobile collaboration solution that allows them to use their own on-premise infrastructure to keep company data safe within the company network.
  • 54% of businesses want flexibility and control over where their data is stored.

Although Cloud file sharing an obvious solution to restrictive company policies, complicated VPN and FTP setups and email size limits, it can also be problematic for companies – leading to security blind spots, loss of data ownership and breaches of data privacy standards.

Company data becomes scattered amongst current and past employees’ personal accounts where it is outside of the companies control and can be shared with anyone without the company ever knowing – making many business owners scream, due to lack of control!

Private clouds offer an effective solution for most organisations, by keeping the data on premise, behind the companies’ fire wall, and on self-governed infrastructure however this often comes at a prohibitive cost.  Well it used too.

Market competition continues to force change and now we have affordable options… Some features that clients are demanding:

  • Send large files: Able to send large files up to 10GB via download link, with options to password-protect the files and set expiry conditions. Email attachment limits and complicated FTP’s are a thing of the past.
  • Real-time and selective Synchronization: Changes are automatically synchronized across all user devices in real time. Users can collaborate on the same document simultaneously without overwriting.
  • File Versioning: File versioning allows users to instantly recover previous versions of file and restore them to their original location. Workers will no longer worry about losing important documents again.
  • Simple User Interface: Drag and drop simplicity and a familiar interface ensures successful end-user adoption. Collaborations with newly-invited users can take place instantly with no training required.
  • Secure Access From Anywhere: Access files securely from anywhere without the need for a VPN using a web browser or the desk top client on computers or the Android or iPhone app on mobile devices.
  • End to End Data Security: have the peace of mind knowing your data is bank-grade 256-bit encryption. Every communication is sent over a secure, encrypted connection while data at rest is always stored in an encrypted state.

Do you relate to any of the above?

If at the end of the day are you are worried about controlling and securing your data while at the same time wanting to provide your employees and clients the freedom and flexibility they are demanding – perhaps you should look/dig a little further, we can provide a number of solutions.

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I will leave you with this quote;

Real difficulties can be overcome; it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable.”

— Theodore Vail,