When speaking with business owners I’m often told they want to move their data into the cloud because it will be more secure than on-premise. Unfortunately, simply migrating to cloud storage does not always meet security expectations.

Let’s use emails in the cloud as an example. Here are a couple of questions:

  • Have you moved your exchange into the cloud?
  • Are your emails being back up?
  • If so do you know who is backing up you emails?
  • What would happen if a ransomware virus encrypts / locks your emails?
  • Did you know Microsoft’s email recovery is not guaranteed by them?

Perhaps you have this covered however often there is a lack of understanding, just because your emails are in the cloud does not mean they are being backed up and protected from attack.

Invest 5 minutes to watch and educate yourself about possible Ransomware in cloud


I hope this was informative.