Total data protection is no longer just backing up files. Today it’s a multi-faceted approach that includes training, managed networks, ransomware detection and SaaS protection as well as data recovery.

Threats come in all shapes and sizes, unless you have an unlimited budget you really need a company like us to help you survive.

The recent WannaCry ransomware attack infected over 200,000 systems in over 150 countries. Microsoft referred to the attack as a wake-up call and a reminder for users to apply the most recent security updates.

An update was released in March 2017 to protect against the virus, but it appears many users may have failed to download it (scary I know!).

Data threats don’t discriminate; businesses of all sizes are susceptible to attacks. However, small to medium sized (SMB’s) are often less prepared to deal with security threats than their larger counterparts as they often have fewer resources to devote to cybersecurity efforts.

Cybersecurity training for employees – 1st line of defence.

Last year in a survey of over 1000 managed services providers worldwide an astounding statistic came out – over 91% of the community had a least one client who had been hit with ransomware in 2016.

The lack of cybersecurity awareness amongst employees is a leading cause of successful ransomware attacks, but unfortunately, few companies are providing their staff with training.

At the root of the majority of ransomware attacks is “social engineering” which involves manipulating a person to gain access to business systems.

All employees should have to go through basic cybersecurity training, which includes how to identify a phishing attempt, which is a lead cause of ransomware infection.

Employees should know how to spot a malicious email and how to deal with it. This is an essential part of protecting your business against attacks and should become a fundamental practice in any business today.

Layered Solutions for SMB’s – 2nd line of defence

Here is one thing the cybersecurity world can agree on: there is no single product available today that will solve all cybersecurity problems.

It involves many layers; firewalls, antivirus, web filters, patching, etc all play important roles. However these security measures are not fool proof and unfortunately breaches still occur. That’s where your backup and recovery solution becomes critical.

Backup and recovery is vital – 3rd line of defence

Modern and complete data protection solutions take snapshot-based, incremental backups as frequently as every 5 minutes to create a series of recovery points and allow businesses to run applications from backup copies using a virtual machine.

The right solution allows for peace of mind. When it comes to the threat of ransomware the benefits of a total data protection solution are three fold:

  1. You will never be held hostage to ransomware criminals
  2. You avoid data loss since with backups taken frequently and can be restored quickly
  3. You will not experience significant downtime as your team can access data and applications while primary systems are being restored.

It seems like a no brainer, but many SMB’s simply do not understand the connection between backup, disaster recovery and cybersecurity.

Developing a robust, multi-layered strategy can save a business. Ongoing employee education and security technology will boost your two front line defences and dramatically decrease the likelihood of any breaches.

A solid, reliable backup and recovery solution is the third and most essential layer of defence, allowing businesses to quickly recover unscathed should things turn ugly.

To find out more about how Tech Precision services can ensure that your system is as safe as possible from failure, take our free IT health check today. We will also include a quick guide to Cybersecurity as an educational document for your staff.