I think the heading says it all – potentially it could leave you crying.

I hope that by now most of you have heard of the largest mass Ransomware attack observed in history, which occurred just last weekend. If not here are some simple facts:

What is Ransomware?

Is a form of malware that locks access to user files by encrypting them so no-one can access and then demands money to release the files.

Catch – even if you pay the ransom history shows there is no way to be certain your files will be released or demands will not escalate further.

Is WannaCry a serious concern – YES!

What happened?

  • Over 200,000 victims across more than 150 countries (including Australia) and counting.
  • Exposed security flaws in older versions of Microsoft Windows
  • Victims include SMB’s, Hospitals, Telcos and Governments
  • Experts believe caused by criminal cyber-crime syndicates.


While technology advances offer tremendous and varied benefits to business organisations, we have to understand these advancements are also helping the capabilities of the criminally minded.

The Australian consumer watchdog says there has been a rise in scams targeting businesses and warns hacking, malware and targeted phishing now present significant financial and reputational risks to business.

It’s obvious but I have to say it “Prevention and planning are the best form of protection”.

How? Use the specialist:

We are a specialist IT Service Company, dealing with this stuff every day. While it’s unfortunate that these things happen its extremely important for businesses to understand that technology is a powerful business tool capable of delivering amazing results, however on the other side of the ledger can limit a business from growing to the next stage and even cause loss of money.

We undertake a proven systemised approach to ensure our clients are firstly protected from such nasties and secondly if something untoward does occur we have a pre-planned response and resolution in place.


For the first 15 respondents who ask we will provide:

  • Report on your patching status
  • A review of your business continuity

We will provide all this under a complementary service which is a great way to at least give yourself peace of mind that you have things covered. If you don’t then you know where to act (and act quickly).

Unfortunately this Ransomware incident is just the beginning. This sort of threat will continue to grow in number, strength and severity.

Protect yourself today. Call us for independent advice.