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IT outsourcing – The 4 main benefits

Jun 13, 2020

IT Outsourcing has been on the rise, not only because it reduces headaches for business owners, but also because of the monstrous increase in cyber security threats in recent times.

Unless you’re an IT specialist business, setting up or extending out your own IT services department makes little business sense.

The 4 main benefits of IT Outsourcing:


1) IT Outsourcing allows business owners to reduce and control costing

Outsourcing your IT services to a dependable partner allows you to control expenditure with a set amount each month. Running your own IT services department can be very expensive and the amount that you would pay for salaries alone may be as much, if not more than the IT partners monthly fee.

IT Partners can help you manage cash flow. Equipment and services can all be arranged to reduce impact on Capital Budgets. Gives you back control and confidence that your company is utilising current and correct IT tools to help with their productivity.

2) Maintaining Focus on your core business

Your organisation may be in accounting, manufacturing, a law firm, it doesn’t matter. It’s your core competencies that you should be focusing on, not your IT services department.

Companies, especially small to medium sized businesses, have a limit to their resources and having an outsourced IT services partner means you don’t have to invest your limited time and effort (energy) on non-core activities.

When an IT partner has your back, you can focus on activities that would provide better returns as your resources have been freed up for other areas that can help the business grow and become even more successful.

3) Outcome Based Thinking Around Your Technology 

It’s a given the best MSP’s should have great technical skill and be across a number of business technologies. What you really need to look for are the IT partners who go beyond this.

Tech Precision provide outcome based results, our focus is to develop our understanding of your business so we can maximise any equipment or service you are already using and only recommend new offerings and processes when there are clear ROI benefits.

In other words, if you want to focus your time and effort on your core business while still building your company, Tech Precision smooth out the IT side of the business and give you back time by handling anything related to IT.

4) IT Outsourcing can lead to better productivity for all departments

Think about not worrying about downtime, expenditure, and being able to focus on core competencies with your business. Think about increased productivity of your staff, about maximising money already spent on IT, about having a partner who provides independent non-biased advice.

Case Studies

Case Study – JAYDO

Case Study – JAYDO

JAYDO is a dedicated water infrastructure construction business where every member of their experienced team is committed to delivering outstanding value and service to their many repeat clients and partners.

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