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IT Outsourcing – 5 benefits

May 6, 2022

Technology has evolved into a necessity in almost every aspect of our daily lives, personal and business. Keeping across technology and utilising this tool to take your business forward is becoming a prerequisite to success. For some business leaders, keeping on top of the latest technology can be second nature and exciting, however for others, it can feel overwhelming and pulls you away from focusing on core business. If you’re a business leader who is looking for better value from your IT investment, then  IT outsourcing to a trusted Managed IT service provider may be a great option for you.

Here are The Top 5 Benefits of IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing helps you stay focused on your business core

Knowing that there is a reliable IT Support team looking after your IT health gives you the opportunity to focus your energy on the core needs of your business. This will help your team drive the business forward – rather than allocating valuable resources to not-so-rewarding tasks such as software updates and security patches. Having an IT Support partner dedicated to looking after your IT health allows you to maximise your IT investment, rather than becoming distracted by it.

IT Outsourcing gives you Peace of Mind

When you choose IT Outsourcing through a trusted IT partner, your business is under the care of IT specialist who are proactively watching over your IT health using advanced monitoring systems. This also includes enhancing performance for your IT systems, identifying glitches and addressing them before they become a serious problem. This provides you with peace of mind knowing IT problems are minimised, and allows a highly experienced team of IT specialist to take charge solving problems and finding scalable solutions for your IT. Furthermore, they can help expand your vision on how you can effectively use technology in your business to drive positive change.

Manage Cashflow with predictable costs

Many Managed IT Support providers run on a subscription-based model that offer a fixed monthly or annual fee. Having your IT proactively managed also means there is less chance of unexpected problems and expenses from arising. This allows you to manage your cashflow with more predictable costs. You may have the idea that onboarding an external team of highly skilled IT professionals would be expensive, but it often saves you money.

IT Outsourcing gives you access to the latest technology skills, knowledge and systems

One significant advantage of IT Outsourcing is having access to their up-to-date IT skills, knowledge, and systems. This can play out in several ways:

  • You have access to a whole team of IT specialists, with a broad range of skills, experience, qualifications, and expertise, all included in your monthly support costs. You don’t need to be reliant on one internal “IT guy” to have the adequate skills to fix every issue that arises.
  • A quality managed IT partner will be on the forefront of technology knowledge and trends, so they can keep you updated on the most necessary changes relevant to your business.
  • Should you require further recommendations regarding technology (for example, relocating your office premises or scoping out a new project), you will be able to seek advice from your trusted IT partner who understands IT as well as your business systems and goals.
  • A Managed IT partner can work with you to ensure your cybersecurity strategies are in place and your system firewalls and defences are up to date, so your data and business stay secure.
  • A quality Managed IT partner will use the latest and best technology in their own business to monitor and maintain your IT systems, ensuring your business is in the best and safest hands.

Managing Your IT Vendors and Suppliers

Along with access to the latest technologies, IT Outsourcing gives you access to a Managed IT Partner’s network of product and service vendors. They can obtain the best deals, and communicate with vendors on your behalf. They will also have specialty product knowledge, understand the specifications, and know what technology your business needs to meet your requirements. Dealing with vendors can be overwhelming, but a good Managed IT partner will be experienced in liaising with vendors to help with purchases, as well as troubleshoot issues on your behalf. Your IT provider can streamline all communications and assign subject matter experts to handle each task.

Technology is a huge part of running a business and is a vital factor in determining the success of your short- and long-term objectives. IT Outsourcing and having a set of specialist eyes to take important IT matters off your shoulders is a smart initiative that can bring many benefits to you and your Organisation. Talk to us to see how we can help.

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